A cup of familiar spices.

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Approximately 3oz per tin
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“This tea brings a new experience to my mornings.”

– John w.

  • Minority Owned
  • Naturally Sourced
  • Vitamin C
  • Enjoy Iced or Hot
  • Juniper-Berry is abounding with good things. With the energizing benefits of juniper berry, this is a satisfying herbal accented with crimson hibiscus petals.
  • This infusion is a cooperating and commingling mix of strawberry leaf and blackberry leaf brimming with the aromatic smell of a berry patch.
  • Rose hips bring the sweetness and some vitamin C before their faintly tart aftertaste. This will enliven the nose and the tastebuds.
  • Ingredients: Strawberry leaf, blackberry leaf, hibiscus flower, rose hips, juniper berry, acerola (vitamin C) powder, and natural fruit flavor

Meet this spiced blend

Strawberry leaf

Blackberry leaf

Rose hips

Juniper berry


Acerola (vitamin C) powder

Escape to tranquility with Tribal Tea Co.

Enjoy the energizing benefits of juniper berry with hints of strawberry, blackberry, and hibiscus.

A Sweet, Vitamin C-Infused Delight Awaits

Rose hips add a touch of sweetness and vitamin C for an infusion that will both enliven your nose and tantalize your tastebuds. Dare to be adventurous and try this unique blend!

Revitalize Your Senses and Enhance Your Well-Being with This Infusion

This infusion is just what you need to enliven your senses and boost your wellbeing.

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