We believe in the importance
of living in the moment with a
cup of tea.

The Tribal Tea Company is owned and operated by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. All of our teas are hand-packed with love right here on our reservation and shipped to your doorstep.

Making and drinking tea for its health benefits and for its delicious taste is a tradition in the Native American community. It goes back as far as we can remember in our ancestry.

North American Native medicines share much of the same sentiments as traditional Eastern medicines: both are grounded in a rich understanding of the natural world. Tea is a well-known and understood medicine containing healing and medicinal properties for the mind, body, and soul.

With a cup of herbal tea sourced directly from the earth’s foundation, people have the opportunity to find their way back to themselves, back to their roots.


We are owned by Ho-Chunk, Inc., the economic development arm of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. In 2013, the Tribe saw an opportunity to expand into a wide range wide range of industries and products, and with that, SweetGrass Trading Company was started, an online marketplace for sage, candles, wild rice, corn, and other Native-made goods. This marked the beginning of a new wave of economic prosperity for our people.

As the company evolved, Tribal Tea slowly made its appearance on the SweetGrass website. As the product proved its value and success, it became clear that it was time to separate the brand. By getting its own website and life, Tribal Tea Company is able to give people everywhere the chance to experience the teas for themselves.

Tea has been recognized across many cultures for centuries for both its medicinal healing properties and its spiritual properties. Tea is an embodiment of harmony. It is the thing that connects the human body, heart, and mind with the world, and with each other.

Tribal Tea is here to create beautiful moments, physically and mentally, and to bring connectivity to the modern world, where the hustle and bustle of technology and the working culture have distracted so many from what’s really important in this life.

Supporting The Native
American Community

With every purchase of our tea, we donate part of our profits to organizations that support the physical and mental wellbeing and prosperity of the Native American community.

Our purpose is simple. We desire to help everybody slow down and be present with the moment, enjoy the little things, and reconnect with their roots and each other. With our tea sales, we get to continue supporting those in our community who need it.