Mother Nature &
the Human Spirit

Rejuvenate your soul with the therapeutic experience of herbal tea.

Tribal Tea is an embodiment of the fundamental truth of life — that it’s meant to be lived. Tribal Tea is a reminder for us all to slow down, reconnect with nature and ourselves, and to make the most of the present because it’s all we’re guaranteed.

Be rooted with a drink sourced from the earth.

Owned & Inspired


Tribal Tea is owned by the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. The art of making and drinking tea is a reflection of traditional Native American belief systems — living in harmony with nature,
being fundamentally rooted in the earth, and experiencing the present moment.

When you support Tribal Tea, you support the well-being of Native American Tribes. Tribal Tea donates a portion of all sales to mental health organizations serving Native Americans. By drinking Tribal Tea, you are supporting opportunities for people who deserve a chance at a good life.

What our tea tribe is saying

I have the Hibiscus-Peppermint and the Apricot-Cinnamon blends and it’s some of the BEST tea I’ve ever had. Aesthetically beautiful, aromatically satisfying, and bursting with flavor… I can’t say enough good things about this stuff.

– Macy S.

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