Native-made Tea Accessories

by Rachel Walters

Indulge in the world of Native-made tea accessories, enhancing not just your tea-drinking ritual but also honoring the cultural heritage of indigenous communities. Join us on this enchanting journey through handcrafted treasures that promise to elevate your tea experience.


Sage and Oats: Native-Made Ceramic Tea Infuser Set

Sage and Oats: Native-Made Ceramic Tea Infuser Set

Our first destination, Sage and Oats, invites you to explore their Handmade Ceramic Tea Infuser Set. Crafted by Apache and Cherokee ceramicist Donna Erickson, these tea accessories bring an authentic touch to your tea rituals. Native-made in the USA, the set offers a choice of colors, allowing you to resonate with the one that speaks to you.

Sage and Oats, founded by Major and Michelle Robinson, celebrates diversity. Major, a member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation, and Michelle, of Irish and Scottish ancestry, offer a multicultural experience born from a love story. Their store is not just a place to shop; it’s a platform to share their cultural roots. If you find yourself in Helena, Montana, or nearby, stop by and say hello!

Enhance Your Tea Experience with Tribal Tea Co.: Pair your Sage and Oats set with Tribal Tea Co.’s exquisite blends for a truly remarkable tea experience. Let the rich flavors and cultural essence transport you to a world of delight.


Singing Pots: Indigenous Pottery Mug 

Yellow Corn mug 12oz Stoneware Mug Native American Mug Indigenous Pottery Mug Yellow Corn

Journey to Singing Pots, where exquisite mugs and ceramics embody the spirit of Native American culture. The “Yellow Corn” mug, a 12 oz stoneware masterpiece of Indigenous pottery, celebrates the artistry and heritage of the Native American community.

Crafted by a two-spirit individual deeply connected to the world as an empath, Singing Pots’ creations reflect a commitment to restoring, reclaiming, and protecting ancestral medicine. Their ethical and sustainable approach, emphasizing safety and natural ingredients, pays tribute to the harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.

Transform Your Tea Moments with Tribal Tea Co.: Complement your Singing Pots mug with Tribal Tea Co.’s authentic blends. Experience the harmony of cultural richness and flavorful teas in every sip.


Nicole La Rock, Coast Salish: Tea For One Set – Hummingbirds

Nicole La Rock, Coast Salish: Tea For One Set - Hummingbirds

Our journey wouldn’t be complete without Nicole La Rock, a Coast Salish artist. Delight in her Tea For One Set featuring hummingbirds on Native/Northwest ceramics. Each set includes a 13 oz teapot, an 8.5 oz teacup, and a 6-inch saucer, offering a complete and delightful tea experience.

As Nicole La Rock beautifully expresses, “I am delighted to share my art, which will hopefully touch people in a positive way and add to their day.”

Elevate Your Tea Enjoyment with Tribal Tea Co.: Pair Nicole La Rock’s Tea For One Set with Tribal Tea Co.’s unique blends. Let the hummingbirds and flavorful teas create a symphony of cultural celebration with every pour.

A Cultural Blend in Every Sip with Tribal Tea Co.

As you sip from your Native-made Ceramic Tea Infuser Set, savor warmth from an Indigenous Pottery Mug, or enjoy a Tea For One Set with hummingbirds, let every sip embody the rich history and artistic expression of indigenous cultures. These accessories, coupled with Tribal Tea Co.’s blends, aren’t just vessels for your favorite brew; they are portals to the cultural tapestry of the Native American community, bridging the past with the present in every delightful cup. Celebrate diversity, support indigenous artists, and treasure the unique pieces that tell a story with every pour.