Native Changemakers

by Rachel Walters

On November 1, a special event unfolded in Brooklyn, as In The Know by Yahoo came together to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Native American Heritage Month. This gathering was a platform for profound conversations and cultural exchange, featuring influential voices such as Deputy Editor Laura Clark and the talented actress Amber Midthunder. Amidst the enlightening discussions and the sharing of indigenous stories, one element shone brilliantly – the inclusion of Tribal Tea Co. in the event’s thoughtfully curated gift bags.

Tribal Tea Co. is more than just a tea company; it’s a gateway to a fascinating cultural journey that transports you through the rich traditions of Indigenous communities. Each of our tea blends is a carefully curated masterpiece, designed not only to delight the palate but also to honor and pay homage to the diverse cultures and traditions that have inspired us. The inclusion of Tribal Tea Co. in these special gift bags for such an event is a testament to the recognition of the cultural significance and authenticity that we hold dear in our teas.

The event was a powerful and meaningful celebration of Native American Heritage Month. It featured the inspiring journey of Amber Midthunder, whose work embodies the cultural significance of storytelling, authenticity, and representation. Tribal Tea Co. is deeply honored to have played a part in this event by gracing the gift bags, enabling us to share the essence of Indigenous traditions and flavors with a wider audience. We are committed to continuing our mission of preserving and celebrating the diverse and vibrant cultures that inspire us.

As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to contribute to the celebration and preservation of Indigenous culture and to create more moments that bridge cultural understanding through the delightful experience of sipping a cup of Tribal Tea.

Our journey continues, and we invite you to join us in savoring the unique and enriching flavors of Indigenous traditions. Together, we can continue to explore, honor, and celebrate the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures that make our world a more diverse and beautiful place.