Day or Night: Finding Your Perfect Tea Match for Every Moment

By Rachel Walters 

Tea has the incredible ability to cater to different moods, occasions, and times of day. While some teas are known for their calming effects, others provide a refreshing boost of energy. If you find yourself limiting tea to nighttime hours, it’s time to expand your tea horizons and discover the perfect blends for various moments throughout the day. In this guide, we’ll explore how to find the right tea for your routine, ensuring you can enjoy a cup that complements every part of your day.  

  • Morning Wake-Up Call:

If you’re looking for a tea to kickstart your day, opt for caffeinated varieties like black or green tea. Tribal Tea Co’s Cinnamon Cardamom can provide the bold flavors and energy boost you need to start your morning on a high note.

  • Midday Refreshment:

When the afternoon slump hits, consider lighter teas that offer a refreshing break without overwhelming caffeine. Tribal Tea Co’s Juniper Berry is an excellent choice to invigorate your senses and maintain focus.

  • Afternoon Calm:

As the day progresses, transition to calming herbal infusions to help you unwind. Peppermint Chamomile or Hibiscus Peppermint from Tribal Tea Co can provide a soothing and flavorful interlude, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful afternoon break.

  • Evening Relaxation:

Embrace the tranquility of the evening with caffeine-free blends designed to relax the mind and body. Alfalfa Spearmint from Tribal Tea Co offers gentle flavors and aromas to help you wind down before bedtime.

  • Experiment with Blends:

Don’t hesitate to explore blends that combine different tea types and flavors. Blends like Cinnamon Apricot from Tribal Tea Co offer a unique fusion of ingredients, providing a well-rounded taste experience suitable for various times of the day.

  • Listen to Your Body:

Pay attention to how your body reacts to different teas at different times. If you notice that certain teas energize or relax you more than others, use this feedback to curate your tea selection for different parts of your routine.

Tea is a versatile companion that can adapt to your daily rhythm. By understanding the characteristics of various teas and experimenting with different blends, you can find the perfect match for each moment of your day. From energizing mornings to soothing evenings, let tea be a delightful and customizable part of your routine.